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Jeff Frick has helped thousands of executives share their story. In the process, he discovered that some executives have an extensive online presence, many have little or none at all. A leaders' most important function is to clarify the vision, articulate the strategy, and invite others to join the journey
(as investors, employees, customers, partners, etc).
In 2021, video is arguably the most powerful tool available.

At Menlo Creek, we're here to help.  

Too often, message development is over weighted on the the "what", the product, the features, the announcement, the moment.

The "why" and “who” under weighted, if included at all.

At Menlo Creek, we believe that the "why" and "who" are actually more important than the "what" as they define the higher level priorities, the big vision, the goals and priorities, not simply the features and functions of the latest release. Build relationships based on alignment of long term of objectives, not just a feature/function match for a short term itch.

Jeff has focused on the intersection of business, technology, & media for over 30 years, with a special emphasis on the people who create, implement, and leverage technology in new and innovative ways. 

Company and product are important, but not at the expense of high level megatrends, foundational principles', and cultural norms. In the people, process, technology triangle, put people first. People can act as enablers, and accomplish tremendous things. They can just as easily fight to kill change and innovation before it starts.

Focus on the people.

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